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Anti-Pigmentation – Brown Pigmentation Marks, Colour Uniformity

  • Instant Radiance Party Facial

    This facial treatment is the ideal pre-party skin overhaul. The perfect quick fix when you need a radiant, glowing complexion.

    Hydrating and smoothing, the products used will give you a 'new skin' effect.

    Instant Radiance Party Facial

    Treatment: 30 Minutes

    From: £27.00

  • New Skin Peeling Treatment

    This treatment offers a visible transformation.

    It will erase dead skin and reduce wrinkle depth and scarring.

    Your skin will be smooth, soft, radiant and youth mechanisms will be reignited with a new skin effect.

    After just one treatment clients note a “new skin” effect for 100%, smoothed and plumped skin for 100% and a refined skin texture for 100%.

    Sold individually or as a corrective course of 3-6 treatments.

    New Skin Peeling Treatment

    Treatment: 1 hour

    From: £48.00

  • Radiance Anti-Ageing Treatment

    For smooth, plump, radiant, glowing skin. Combining pure Vitamin C and Collagen.

    This treatment gives dull skin the ultimate anti-ageing boost.

    After just one treatment clients note their skin is plumped up for 100%, energised and strengthened for 100% and skin texture is smoothed for 85%.

    Recommended course of 3 Treatments.

    Radiance Anti-Ageing Treatment

    Treatment: 1 hour

    From: £60.00

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