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'Neck-to-Dec' - The beauty trend you've been missing...

15th November 2017

Trending in the beauty world right now are a new generation of products for the neck and décolleté. ‘Neck-to-dec’ is getting beauty pros very excited and with it come specialist products dedicated to tending to your décolletage with powerful formulations.

Experts say that two thirds of women are not caring specifically for the skin in this area.

Once upon a time our necks didn't become a worry until middle age, but that has all changed due to the technology of smart phones and devices. It has been estimated that some of us are looking down at our devices and tablets up to 150 times a day, meaning all generations are seeing increased premature wrinkles and sagging in the neck area. The main culprits being aged between 18-39.

Surgeons have reportedly seen an 11% rise in chests lifts since last year and dermatologists have revealed that 95% of their rejuvenating face treatments have now been extended to the décolletage at the request of their clients due to this recent demand for neck and décolleté care.

The skin on the neck and décolleté, is one of the first places women show signs of ageing and ages faster than any other area of the body. Décolleté, a beautiful French word meaning “wearing a low-neck dress” is what we use when referring to our upper chest area and where it meets the neck and shoulders.

Skin in this area is a lot thinner than the skin on our faces and has less reparative oil glands- promoting more visible fine lines and loss of elasticity. It is also regularly exposed to harmful UV rays without any protection which leads to uneven pigmentation and dark ‘age spots’. Our chests are one of the top 5 places we regularly burn which is very damaging.

The skin on the neck has to allow for a lot of movement- and the major muscles here are not supported by bones, so they are weaker and loosen more easily. A lot of people do not realise that we move our neck more than any other part of the body, so with all our looking up, down and around- the skin is twisted, pulled and stretched in many different directions. This encourages the appearance of lines and wrinkles as the skin loosens and thins with age.

We often forget the décolletage during our skin care regimes. Many people do not realise that this area should be treated with as much care as the skin on the face and around the eyes; cleanse, tone, exfoliate, infuse it with a serum and finally enrich it with a good cream, treating it occasionally to a mask. If facial skin is very well cared for and the neck and décolleté is neglected, this can really emphasise the ageing on the chest and neck.

Using a strong SPF alongside adequate skin care specifically for the neck and décolleté is essential for this frequently exposed area, supermarket priced body lotion quality is not sufficient. Including active ingredients and certain concentrations in products is more expensive but if you are serious about good skin care then it is a worthy investment.

Whilst prevention is always more preferable than cure as it is harder to reverse damage, it is certainly not too late to start caring for the neck and décolleté. Not only are there ways to prevent further damage to the skin, but you can also work on repairing what’s already done.

Tone your skin as you care for it. Resultime have recommended ‘Facial Gymnastics’ exercises for the face, neck and jaw to help strengthen the muscles and aid great results.

The Resultime 5 Expertise Neck And Décolleté Cream is a complete skincare product that acts on the 5 signs of ageing seen on the neck and décolleté; fine lines and wrinkles, skin slackening, dark spots, dehydration and thin, delicate skin. It is a lightweight and comfortable cream with a delicate floral fragrance and contains Resultime’s patented Vectorised Micro Collagen, Anti-Dark Spot Neuro Active Ingredients, Moisturising Complex and Firming Polysaccharide to help regenerate, hydrate, lift and strengthen the skin- and is suitable for all skin types.

You can use this specialised cream alongside all other Resultime products, but for super effective repair of damaged, pigmentation suffering skin- team it with the Resultime Anti-Dark Spots range. The Dark Spot Correcting Serum and the SPF30 Unifying Cream make a fantastic team for fighting existing sun damage and premature skin ageing, and work wonderfully to defend it from any more.