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A happy skin is a hydrated skin!

4th April 2017

Skin dehydration will happen to us all at some point, It’s a common skin condition to have. A dehydrated skin can happen for several reasons. The most common is from environmental factors such as central heating in the home or air conditioning in the office! During the winter, skin is more prone to dehydration due to there being less humidity in the air. During the summer months when humidity levels are in the atmosphere are higher, the skin by rights, should be hydrated and plump. In reality however, air conditioning, over exposure to the sun and lack of proper care of the skin can deplete moisture levels in the upper layers of the epidermis (this is dehydration!) Add in to the mix a few external factors including smoking, sunbed use, a few summer cocktails and lack of water consumption; the skin is not a happy one!

Don’t confuse dehydrated skin with a dry or even oily skin. Dry skin and oily skin are genetic skin types and dehydration is a skin condition which means it is a product of our lifestyle.

A dehydrated skin will often appear lackluster and dull, possibly tired looking, so with a little hydration pick me up, you will notice a dramatic improvement!

The use of the Hydrating Range of products and the Hydrating Treatment to keep your skin happy!

If you need help and guidance recognising and analysing your skin type, you can call into any of our Resultime salons for a skin analysis and product recommendation.

Love Resultime x