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Top Beauty Picks

6th December 2016

We’ve kept a keen eye on the Daily Mail recently as they’ve given us their take on ‘The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Ageing’ well, here’s OUR hero products, hints & tips that we think sit right within some of the articles highlighted over the week, take a look at here…

As I’ve learned, we all have a ‘skin type’ which is genetic and more often than not, also a ‘skin condition’ which are problems caused by lifestyle and environment. I have a very dry skin type and a dehydrated skin condition. When opting for a face mask, the Super Plumping Mask is perfect for those of us who are in need of a hydration boost. I apply a thin, even layer all over my face and allow the product to soak in. This creamy, moisturising mask is perfect as an over-night sleep product.

It’s now festive season and we all want to look and feel great (who doesn’t!?) At such a busy time of the year, we all struggle to make time for ourselves, however … the Pre-Party Instant Radiance Facial combines relaxation AND effective results in just 30 minutes! How, you ask? Well … this facial includes a gentle, AHA chemical skin peel, which offers an instant, visible transformation! The 32% AHA formula works to loosen and exfoliate the layer of dead cells. The top 1.5 layer of skin is buffed, revealing the smoother, radiant, more plumped ‘new’ skin below. The perfect treatment for party-ready skin.

The Regenerating Collagen Gel; Where to start? As Resultime’s HERO product there’s so much to rave about! The exceptional formula contains 15 key Skin Molecules to regenerate the skin and maintain its youthfulness. As we age (yes, it’s happening) our skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness, and cell renewal and tissue regeneration slows down. The Regenerating Collagen Gel, ideally, puts back what nature takes away. This is thanks to the patented ingredient; Vectorised Micro-Collagen. Vectorised Micro-Collagen has a double action on cell and tissue metabolism, providing exceptional results on the production of Collagen* and Hyaluronic Acid*: respectively +49%* and +78%* in just 48 hours. The patented Collagen formula is used only by Resultime making it a unique product that everyone just HAS to try! The light-weight gel formula ensures plumped up skin for 89% of us! It works to hydrate, smooth, plump, firm and repair the skin. With its many uses, I love to use this product as a serum under both my day and night moisturiser, layered up as an over-night sleep mask, over scars and imperfections and even to soothe sun burn thanks to its healing properties. This wonder-product is also great on the body too. Apply liberally to firm the fine, delicate skin on your inner arm, which loses tone, also over the decollete to smooth lines and wrinkles and finally, to reduce any scarring, layer up and rub in daily!

Check back next week for more of our top beauty picks! 

Molly x