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Multi-Functional Products?

13th December 2016

We spend our pennies confidently thinking that 'this product is perfect for my skin' - well what if you can also save money by using your daily products in more ways than just the norm?

Our last blog explained what makes the Regenerating Collagen Gel so compatible with the skin, click here to get the low down on why this product is at the top of our 'Multi-Functional Products' chart!


So, as we mentioned, the Regenerating Collagen Gel, (which won The Perfect Wedding Best Beauty Buys 2016!) is amazing. It works to hydrate, smooth, plump, firm and repair the skin. We know it best as a serum underneath a moisturiser, but have you considered layering up as an over-night sleep mask? Click here to read all about our 4 Sleeps to Fab Skin campaign and see the results for yourself in just 4 nights! It works to blur scars and imperfections. The gel-like consistency can be applied directly to sunburn to help soothe and cool thanks to its healing properties. This product must be up there with 'one of the most useful products to have on your vanity'.



Many of us suffer with skin sensitivity and bright pink cheeks. The Calming Cream is a great product to soothe and comfort as a daily moisturiser. However, layer up and be generous for an ultra-plush and rich mask! The calming Peptides limit the release of inflammatory mediators in the skin tissue and Vitamin B3 improves the skin’s tolerance threshold. A thick, even layer of the Calming Cream once per week, will work to reduce irritated, sensitive, red skins.



Scarred skin can be difficult to renew. The Ultra-Firming Serum uses a revitalising, 'lifting' effect which offers your skin a high concentration of DNA, an active ingredient renowned for its ability to relaunch cellular activity, regenerate and firm the epidermis. Making this serum perfect to blur scars and imperfections. It is also anti-free radical and hydrating. From the moment of application you feel an exceptional energising effect. In the long term, the skin recovers more tone and vitality.