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Love Your Skin, Protect Against Skin Pollution

26th July 2016

Pollution will damage trees and plants, lakes, oceans and coral reefs and most importantly, animals and people. We encounter pollution everyday, have you ever considered what damage pollution is doing to your skin? 

Pollution can be the reason for tissue damage, it will make us age quicker and it can even cause disease.

There are things we must ensure we are doing daily to avoid the effects of pollution to our skin. A healthy, balanced diet full to the brim of colourful fruits and vegetables will give us the nutrients and vitamins we need to fight off free radicals. Plenty of water shall keep us hydrated and combats dry skin.

The right skin care is also vital. Cleansing and toning morning and night will clear our skin of the build up of dirt and grime. Free  radicals interfere with our skins ability to produce collagen, we recommend protecting the skin against pollution by using the Regenerating Collagen Gel. With Vectorised Micro-Collagen, it smooths, plumps, hydrates, firms and repairs the skin. It can be used as a serum before your treatment cream, a gel moisturiser, a sleep mask or an after-sun mask. We Heart Living HEARTS this product!