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Fathers Day Picks

8th June 2015

This month for Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up all of our very manly favourites to keep the Dads in your life in tip-top, skincare shape!

Cleansing Cream

With facial hair, using cotton wool is a no-no. Male cleansing needs to be thorough but quick and simple. The Cleansing Cream Removes dirt and grime in the shower without stripping the skin and leaves it feeling clean and comfortable.

Microdermabrasion Scrub

Men naturally perspire more than women, their pores get blocked a lot easier too. Not to mention with facial hair, in-growing hairs could be a problem. With regular exfoliation, these issues can be reduced or even eliminated.

Regenerating Collagen Gel

The gel texture is perfect for men to regenerate skin cells and maintain youthfulness. (men need this too)

SOS Redness Serum

This intense calming serum helps to alleviate and diffuse red patches and irritation. Sometimes with daily shaving, male skin can become a little irritated. Help calm and soothe their delicate faces and treat shaving rash with this super serum.

Hydrating Gel-Cream

This lightweight formula provides a dehydrated skin with essential moisture to restore suppleness and relieve the feeling of tightness. Men are suckers for an all-over body wash/shower gel, including their faces they strip the skin of oils and water.

Eye Perfector Serum

Men suffer from dark circles and puffiness around the eyes too. This Eye Perfector Serum works to prevent and reduce dark circles and puffiness, illuminating and smoothing the eye contour area.